Nobel Prize Winner Talks Economics to Logan 5th Graders

Since my brother–Lars Peter Hansen–received his Nobel Prize in economics in 2013, he has become an even more popular speaker.  On a recent visit to Utah State University to address students and faculty, he took the opportunity to interact with nearly 80 students at Bridger Elementary School in Logan.  And my grandson and I took the opportunity to see him in action.  It was fun.

Lars Talking to 5th Graders at Bridger Elementary School in Logan, UT

Bridger is a very diverse school and there were students from around the world in attendance.  Lars gave a 30-minute presentation about uncertainty, his favorite topic.  Most of the student seemed engaged.  And enthusiastically answered Lars’s questions.

Lars then opened it up for questions.  That is when the fun really began.

  • Q:  What is your favorite number?  A:  52
  • Q:  What is your favorite animal?  A:  My dog
  • Q:  What is your favorite sport?  A:  Skiing
  • Q:  What is your favorite team?  A:  Chicago Bulls
  • etc.

Discerning minds want to know.

There were also questions that were a little less personal, and perhaps more relevant.  What do economists do?  What did you do to earn your Nobel Prize?

Lars enjoyed the experience, and answered all questions with a smile.  After the presentation and Q and A, all posed for a group photograph.

Lars Posing with Students at Bridger Elementary

Lars and 5th Graders Posing for Photograph

Another interesting experience in the life of a Nobel Prize winner.

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