Homage to “Professor” Irwin Corey

Comedian/sage Irwin Corey died recently at the age of 102.

I loved his act; he showed up on stage dressed like a disheveled, absent-minded professor and orated in a very sophisticated form of gibberish.

Billed as “the World’s Foremost Authority,” he poked fun at multi-syllabic jargon and those who abused it.  When political or scientific authorities seemed to annex a chunk of the English language, Corey would attempt to reclaim it for the rest of humanity — a very human reaction to our complicated, fast-paced world.

Image result for prof irwin corey

During his act, the “professor” would launch into observations about anything under the sun, but would seldom make a coherent sentence.

However . . . we all know that protocol takes precedence over procedures.  This parliamentary point of order based on the state of inertia of developing a centrifugal force issued as a catalyst rather than as a catalytic agent, and hastens a change reaction and remains an indigenous brier to its inception.  This is a focal point used as a tangent so the bile is excreted through the panaceas.

Frequently changing topics, he would wander around the stage, babbling all the while.

But there was more to Corey than his stand-up act:.

  • He was a strong supporter of left-wing politics.  For example, Cory provided support to  Cuban children and the American Communist Party.  Because of his involvement with the latter, he was blacklisted in the 1950s, the effects of which lingered throughout his life.  During the 1960 election, Corey ran for president on Hugh Hefner’s Playboy ticket and during the 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries, endorsed Bernie Sanders for President.
  • Occasionally when he was not performing, Corey would panhandle motorists exiting the Queens–Midtown Tunnel.  He donated the money to a group that purchased medical supplies for Cuban children.  Corey said of his donators, “I don’t tell them where the money’s going, and I’m sure they don’t care.”

Gotta love the nuts, whether real or pretend.

In this era of “fake” news, presidential tweets, professional jargon, blogs spouting absurdities, Bill Walton jibberish, facebook nonsense, etc., Professor Irwin Corey’s brand of humor is more topical than ever.

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