He’s a Exemplary Mormon: Branch President George Akera

George Akera is the Branch President in Masaka, Uganda.  He hails from northern Uganda, an area that until recently was racked by a horrible and bloody insurrection.  As a result, Prez Akera served in the Ugandan military for 8 years.

LDS Branch President George Akera

LDS Branch President George Akera

As a Branch President, George is a wonderful and caring individual.  He has set up a computer center in one room of his LDS chapel.  This center is designed to help the local members and non-members improve their technical skills.

He recently invited me to his home near Masaka where he and his young son were preparing to temporarily house 7 orphans during a summer break from a rural boarding school that he helps support.  He also showed me the units he was constructing on his property to provide a home for elderly Church members who have nowhere to go, a hospice of sorts.

To help finance his various various projects, George has started a piggery.  He proudly showed off his latest arrival, 7 small piglets.

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