Odd-Shaped Soccer Fields

By John Brownlee, author on fastcodesign.com [1]

In dense urban neighborhoods, perfectly rectangular lots can be in short supply.  One solution?  Convert the weirdly-shaped lots, which blight the space between buildings, into beautiful–albeit unusual–soccer fields.  That’s what AP Thailand, a real estate developer located in Bangkok and digital design agency CJ Worx are doing.

To create community spaces for people living in the central Bangkok Khlong Toei district, the two firms are buying up irregularly shaped open lots, cleaning them up, and converting them into soccer fields.

Crazy-Shaped Soccer Field in Bangkok, Thailand

Crazy-Shaped Soccer Field in Bangkok, Thailand

The results aren’t exactly regulation, but that seemingly only makes them more fun, adding new dimensions to the game, like 90-degree bends to maneuver around from one side to the other, or even billiards-like obstructions–made up of old shipping containers and odd walls–to try to bank goals off of.  If you think that football greats can’t come out of such improvised conditions, think again.  Pele grew up in such abject poverty that he learned to play soccer with a sock stuffed with newspaper.

It’s a laudable initiative, and an example of giving seemingly unusable spaces new life.


[1]  20 Sep 2016

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