Utah Artist Laura Romero

While in Salinas CA, I spent 3 enjoyable hours in the Steinbeck Center.  The small museum is very well laid out and very informative, and highly recommended, particularly for those who enjoy the writing of Nobel-Laureate John Steinbeck.

After thoroughly perusing the museum, I took a short swing through the the gift shop.  I liked the postcards which illustrated the efforts of Hispanic farm workers.  The artist was Laura Romero.  According to her website:

Looking through a few old family pictures and being told the stories of working the fields from my parents’, has brought me to work on a series of Hispanic field workers, or simply, the field pickers. “Field Pickers” is a body of work inspired by the hardships, past and present, of Hispanic migrant workers; especially my parents and their siblings. Harsh working conditions are portrayed through facial and body expressions which tells of long days laboring through the cold and heat and fighting against both insects and pesticides. My work explores the complex emotional lives of my subjects. Peacefulness, tranquility and humor are all present in the lives of these amazing people.

According to a small placard on postcard rack, Laura Romero lives in Springville UT.



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