Gun Control: It’s Time for LDS Leadership to Speak Out

A few months ago, I was refueling in Kanab UT.   A pickup truck pulling a horse trailer pulled up to the pump next to mine.  Out jumped an elderly rancher and a younger man; the latter was dressed up like a cowboy from a bad B western.  His outfit was complete with a low-slung holster and 6-gun.  He looked silly, even by Utah standards.  I was going to take a verbal shot at him, but figured that “discretion was the better part of valor.”  I had the feeling that the cashier at the food mart, wasn’t comfortable having him in the store.

This is Kanab today.  After all, the city was the venue for the armed Robert Finicom funeral, even though the LDS Church supposedly does not allow guns into its church buildings.

On State Street in Orem UT, there is a large billboard advertising training on how to assemble your very own AR-15 assault rife.  A couple of miles from my house in Orem is an indoor shooting range that is open 7 days a week.  And according to the, assault weapons and silencers are very popular in Utah.  Maybe a little too popular.

I wonder if instead of obsessing over the evils of medical marijuana, fighting LGBT equality issues, enforcing honor codes, pretending to ignore Mormon feminists, etc., they might want to consider a real social justice issue:  banning assault weapons and discouraging western America’s obsession with guns.

The LDS Church already bans guns from its church building and from the Brigham Young Universities.  So this proposed new initiative would be a natural.

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One Response to Gun Control: It’s Time for LDS Leadership to Speak Out

  1. rogerdhansen says:

    At April 2017 General Conference, Elder Holland spoke out: “And someday I hope a great global chorus will harmonize across all racial and ethnic lines, declaring that guns, slurs and vitriol are not the way to deal with human conflict.”

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