Arrington: Four Practices I Would Like to See the LDS Church Cease

By Peggy Fletcher Stack [1]

The late Mormon historian Leonard Arrington not only documented the faith’s past, he also yearned to shape its future.


Gregory A. Prince’s new biography, Leonard Arrington and the Writing of Mormon History, reveals a 1990s diary entry in which the noted scholar rattled off practices he would like to see the institutional Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints cease.

Among them:

  • “Appointing the highest tithe payers to positions of leadership rather than the most capable or worthy. …
  • “Maintenance of a disloyalty file on liberals … The supposition is that liberals are out to destroy or embarrass the church, a supposition entirely false. …
  • “Insistence on unanimity among the Twelve [apostles], which means that the most obstinate member, the one holding out against the rest, wins. …
  • “Insistence on choosing a new president from the senior member of the Twelve. This means [the LDS Church] will always have a president far beyond his energetic, creative period of life.”


[1]  Salt Lake Tribune, 10 Jun 2016

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