Elder L. Whitney Clayton: What Was He Thinking?

At the Spring 2016 BYU commencement ceremonies, Elder L. Whitney Clayton left the graduates with a strange message.  In an era when the LDS Church is experiencing difficult times, what is Clayton’s message?

  • importance of maintaining connections with families, friends and BYU;
  • importance of not connecting with ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends after one or both members of the failed relationship have married other people;
  • need to guard against the “selfish and gullible” sin of pornography; and
  • need to be wary of former church members who have abandoned LDS teachings.

Why didn’t Clayton create a positive future vision for the Church and the world?  And explain the graduates potential role in that future.

How about highlighting the Church’s current mission to assist refugees around the world?  Or explain that soon, the majority of members will be living in developing countries.  And that there is a critical need to ease the burden of poverty worldwide.

Instead, Clayton tries to create paranoia about relationships with ex-members, etc.  Opportunity lost.

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