LDS Leadership: Still a Serious Lack of Diversity

After the disappointment experienced by many members of the LDS Church over the recent choice of 3 non-diverse new apostles, the frustration continues.

Three New LDS Apostles Seleccted in 2015

Three New LDS Apostles Selected in 2015

At the Church’s General Conference in April 2016, a new presidency of the Primary (children’s organization) was announced.  They are all blond, BYU clones.  The only difference that the Church press release noted was that one of 3 speaks Portuguese.  In their publicity photograph, they are all dressed in identical sport coats (albeit of different colors) and white blouses.  One does have a slightly shorter hair cut.

The leadership couldn’t find one worthy member from Asia, South America, or Africa to serve in the Presidency?  After all, over half of the members will soon live south of the equator.  Many living in abject poverty.  How can we reach the children outside the United States?

Primary Presidency: 2016 Version

Primary Presidency: 2016 Version

The recent choice to head the LDS Church’s Public Relations department–Richard E. Turley Jr.–is a 60-year-old white male BYU-trained lawyer/historian.  Really?  The PR/PA business globally is in a state of major and rapid change.  A more youthful choice would certainly seem appropriate.  Someone who is more familiar with social media and similar evolving technologies.  Given the Church’s recent and continuous PR snafus, staying the course hardly seems like an appropriate course of action.  Neylan McBaine would have been a good choice to head the LDS PR department.

The LDS Church’s diversity problem was recently highlighted in a statement made by Elder L. Whitney Clayton, a senior president of the LDS Church’s Quorum of the Seventy:

Some my present Quorum associates in church service met each other as roommates at BYU and have friendships that extend back for decades.

Perhaps the leadership of the Church has become a little too ingrown?

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2 Responses to LDS Leadership: Still a Serious Lack of Diversity

  1. bretberger says:

    Church lady in the blue has some nerve with that nonstandard hairdo.

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