Is “Ordain Women” Rolling Over and Playing Dead?

“Ordain Women” has certainly cut back on its suggestions for improving the institution of Mormonism. Their latest suggestions are to allow women to:

1. Be official witnesses at baptisms, a role currently reserved for males.

2. Sit with young Mormon women during their private worthiness interviews with local male leaders.

3. Serve as witnesses at marriages and “sealings” in Mormon temples, again a duty current assigned to males.

4. Hold their babies while male priesthood holders perform naming blessings.

None of these seem particularly innovative and they change little in the LDS Church. And they don’t move women any closer to any type of real leadership in the Church. The second suggestion is very important, but the other 3 are trivial.

Women apparently already can hold their babies. I’ve witnessed this occurring and the Church building didn’t collapse.

How about some real change?

1. Girls (and women) preparing and passing the Sacrament, something currently reserved for boys and men.

2. More responsible callings for women in Wards. Ones where they are responsible for all Ward members, not just women and children.

3. Half the talks (give or take a few) in General Conference be given by women.

4. More quotes from women in Church magazines, etc.

The days of slow change are over. The LDS Church needs a strong “Ordain Women.”

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9 Responses to Is “Ordain Women” Rolling Over and Playing Dead?

  1. shematwater says:

    The days of judgment are upon us and any change that is not directly given by God would endanger the church.

  2. rogerdhansen says:

    I’m not sure what “days of judgment are upon us” means. If it means we are in the Last Days, Elder Packer cleared this up. It will not happen in the next few generations.

    And I don’t think we should confuse doctrine with man-made policy. I suspect that God doesn’t reveal the minutiae. So there is no reason to believe that Church policy can’t evolve at a faster rate than it has historically.

  3. shematwater says:

    It is the last days. It will happen in the next 20 years, not in a few generations.

    As to policy, church wide policy is not man-made, but revealed from God. The local details are frequently revealed from heaven, though not always. However, since the Ordain Women movement is a church wide push it is asking for a change in the revealed order of the church, and that cannot come unless it is given by God.

  4. rogerdhansen says:

    Maybe “big-tent Mormonisn” isn’t big enough to include me and other “liberals.”

  5. Susan says:

    Okay, the last days are in the next 20 years? Who gave you this “insider” information? You are doing EXACTLY what the church has been trying to stay away from.

  6. shematwater says:

    I never said anything about personal revelation. I said it was written in the scriptures and stated by the living prophets.

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