Where Are the Liberation Theologians?

The website religiondispatches.org recently listed 10 religion-related stories that were under reported in 2015. Number 9 on the list was liberation theology:

Maybe it’s out there, but I haven’t seen in-depth reporting on the reception of Pope Francis’s slight nod in the direction of the liberation theologians. This after a Little Ice Age of official Vatican hostility to the consciousness and the practice developed in Global South justice struggles.

The U.S. bishops, most of them appointed by John Paul II and Benedict, have not been seen rejoicing over the idea that liberation thought is at least discussable again; they are certainly not seizing the opening to lend any concrete support to current justice struggles that could use some liberationist framing. Of course, one still hears some​ liberationist discourse among some 70-year-old left-leaning Mainline Protestants, but they’re not any kind of force to be reckoned with.

Overall, it seems that the liberationist “moment” has passed, which is a little bit ironic in that many of us would prefer to see the viewpoint identified ​simply ​as “Christianity,” with no modifier required.

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