Romney’s Warmongering and Xenophobia Reposted on a LDS Website

Recently the Meridian Magazine re-posted (16 Nov 2016) an op-ed piece from the Washington Post promoting war and xenophobia.  The original article was written by Mitt Romney, Mormonism’s most famous member.

Now is the time, not merely to contain the Islamic State, but to eradicate it once and for all.

We must wage war to defeat the enemy.

The West must stop the insanity of welcoming hundreds of thousands of people from the Middle East without knowing who exactly they are.

This sort of hysteria and warmongering is merely Romney’s attempt at pandering to the political conservatives and hawks in the Republican party.  Perhaps he still has hopes of being the party’s nominee in 2016.  Unfortunately, Romney is closely identified with Mormonism.

It is even more unfortunate that his xenophobic op-ed piece is being promoted on a magazine that advertises itself as “Latter-day Saints Shaping Their World” and a publication that helps LDS members “stand true in a changing world.”  Romney and the Meridian Magazine continue to embarrass the LDS Church.

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One Response to Romney’s Warmongering and Xenophobia Reposted on a LDS Website

  1. Coach Gary says:

    We need to show human values. We should embrace these refugees, show them compassion and empathy. They would be our strongest advocates to try to make a change in their former lands. We are more sophisticated than this.

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