3D Printing: One of Seven Technologies That Will Change the World

by Gray Scott (from IEET.com, 29 Sep 2015)

Today we already have 3D  printers that can print clothing, circuit boars, furniture, homes and chocolate.  A company called BigRep has created a 3D printer called the BigRep ONE.2 that enables designers to create entire tables, chairs or coffee tables in one print.  You can now buy a 3D printer and print furniture.

Fashion designers like Iris van Herpen, Bryan Oknyansky, Francis Bitonti, Madeline Gannon, and Daniel Widrig have all broken serious ground within the 3D printed fashion movement.  These avant-garde designs may not be functional for the average consumer so what is one to do for a regular tee shirt?  Thankfully a new Field Guided Fabrication 3D printer called ELECTROLOOM has arrived that can print and it may put a few major retail chains out of business.  The ELECTROLOOM enables anyone to create seamless fabric items on demand.

So what is next?  3D printed cars.  Yes, Divergent Microfactories (DM) has recently created a first 3D printed high-performance car called the Blade.  This car is no joke  The Blade has a chassis weight of just 61 pounds, goes 0-60 mph in 2.2 seconds and is powered by a 4-cylinder 700-horsepower bi-fuel internal combustion engine.

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