Mormon Stereotyping: How Necessary Is It?

I’m tired of the LDS Church stereotyping members and non-members alike?

  • If you are female, you are a nurturer and a homemaker.  You cannot have a major decision-making position in the Church.  If you are a male, you are the breadwinner and the priesthood holder.  (But the divisions go much deeper than that.)
  • If you are a boy, there is Boy Scouts.  If you are a girl, there is something less.
  • If you are black, you could not historically hold the priesthood or go to the temple.  The Mormon leadership knows why (Brigham Young’s and his era’s prejudices), but refuses to clear the slate and apologize.  Thus, needlessly keeping this black/white division in the news.
  • If you are Native American, you live in the twilight zone:  are you a Lamanite or aren’t you?  Will you become “white and delightsome?”  With DNA and the “limited geography” theory, it seems likely that most Native Americans are just that:  Native Americans.
  • If you are LGBT, you shouldn’t have sex and shouldn’t get married.  Your status in the hereafter is in question.  Will you or won’t you be “cured.”  But the bigger issues is:  “Why should you need to be cured?”
  • If you are an adult and single, what is wrong with you?  If you are a single parent, you may not feel totally comfortable in your “family-friendly” (one man, one woman) Ward.  Male/female, black/white/NA, LGBT/straight, single/married, I’m tired of people being put in categories.

The Church is the poorer for all this stereotyping.  It’s killing proselytizing efforts in the developed world.  When it limits its leadership to white straight older males, it disenfranchises and loses the wisdom of over half of its membership.  Celibacy should be a choice not a requirement.  Being single is not like having the plague.  As much as possible, we need equality and the removal of walls.  The stereotyping and judging needs to end.

According to conservative Chief Justice John Roberts:  “It is a sordid business, this divvying us up by race.”  It’s also a “sordid business” when we divvy up by sex, sexual orientation, and marital status.

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2 Responses to Mormon Stereotyping: How Necessary Is It?

  1. dor says:

    Christianity is intended to be an open faith, making kin of us all across all socially imposed lines that would divide us and bestow special privilege on a few. Women had leadership and apostolic roles within the Early Church.
    To be Christian is to be accepting and loving and stereotyping does not affirm that mandate.

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