Inventive Ways Global Cities Are Conserving Water

by Justin Worland (Time, 31 Aug 2015)

Below are four inventive ways that cities around the globe are working to conserve water:

Floating Shade Balls:  Los Angeles’s is using shade balls, which blocks the sun over reservoirs to prevent evaporation loss.

Reviving Ancient Aqueducts:  Over the past several years, a Peruvian utility company has revived pre-Inca aqueducts to route water from Andes Mountains into cities.

Rationing Consumption:  Earlier this year, Puerto Rican authorities placed more than 150,000 residents on a 24-hrs-on, 48-hrs-off water schedule.  The savings helped slightly.

Wiring Billboards:  Officials in Australia encourage conservation by showing water reservoir levels to would-be consumers in real-time.  Research shows the campaign helped cut consumption in half.

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