Computer-training Center in Masaka, Uganda

In January (2015), my son-in-law and grandson installed a small computer-training facility in a LDS Chapel in Masaka, Uganda.  The LDS chapel was chosen for several reasons:

  • secure location;
  • rooms available Monday thru Saturday,
  • availability of a relatively high-speed Internet connection; and
  • reliable power supply.

The facility started out in a small room with 6 chromebook computers.  They are hooked to the Internet with a 4G wi-fi router.

This facility was made possible by the wonderful cooperation of Branch President Akera George and funding provided by the Mormon Transhumanist Association and my Mother, Anna Lou Hansen.  When we stopped in to see the Branch President today (June 2015), he indicated that the computer-facility was very popular and he considered it a great success.  When we asked how the computer center was being used, he provided the following partial list.

  • studying at Kahn Academy,
  • doing homework,
  • improving computer skills,
  • Internet surfing, and
  • emailing.

The purpose for our June visit was to add an HP Inkject printer to the system, which we did.

Installing the HP Printer at the Masaka Branch Computer-Training Center

Installing the HP Printer at the Masaka Branch Computer-Training Center

In an earlier visit this month, representatives from the Interethnic Health Alliance dropped off an electric sewing machine.  We asked President George about the possibility of setting up a sewing center similar to the computer center.  He liked the idea.  So we hope to get that facility started in a few months.  My mother loves sewing and she will be happy to see such a facility set up the Masaka Chapel

The training facility in Masaka also has a projector and speakers that was contributed by the Mormon Transhumanist Association.  While it is now used used largely to entertain children, in the future, we will be using it for training videos.

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