Kudos for Lars Peter Hansen

By Thomas (Tom) J. Sargent, 2011 Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics [1]

Lars Hansen is the gold standard as a scholar, teacher, referee, editor, and academic citizen.  His research work is unusually creative and innovative, while also being very respectful of work by previous scholars.  A hallmark of Lars’ work has been to get so completely inside the best previous research that he knows it better than the authors who originally created it.  That has allowed Lars time and again to jump off in authoritative ways and push things to higher levels and often in new directions.

As a referee, Lars’ knowledge is wide ranging and his insights wise and generous.  As a department chairman and editor, he has been unusually patient and generous.

Lars is a devoted and successful teacher.  His students are accomplished and extraordinarily loyal to him.

Lars Hansen has been granted extraordinary gifts by “nature,” so that much should have been expected of him.  But he has converted those gifts into fine contributions by putting in extraordinary effort with steady discipline.

But no one is perfect, and Lars is not.  Lars is not especially good at keeping track of the latest files being worked on with his coauthors.  And he is not especially good at LaTeX.

Note:  for more information about Lars, click here and here.


[1]  An introduction written for an economic’s conference in Park City, 11 Dec 2014.

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