An Atheist’s Thoughtful Observation

In Time magazine (29 Sep 2014), the following question is put to British novelist Ian McEwan.  His answer is very enlightening.

A family in [your new novel The Children Act] wants to withhold medical treatment for their child because they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses.  A judge has to decide what to do.  You’re an atheist.  Is there a message here?

One thing [my book] isn’t is an atheist tract.  I was very keen to give warmth and life to the Jehovah’s Witness boy and his father.  I’m really on the side of the law in this personally.  But sometimes you might disrupt someone’s belief and you find that you don’t have anything to put in it’s place.  You might take away a network of family and social relations, a great deal of consolation and many other things.  It’s not as simple as waving a wand over someone and banishing their gods and then they’ll be happy.

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  1. hitchens67 says:

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    I agree, but the cultish nature of some of these religious arms of Christianity is pretty over-the-top.

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