Marriotts, Why Don’t You Pay Your Housekeepers More?

The Marriott hotel chains are at it again.  If past distributors of pornography and current owners of casinos aren’t enough, now they are admitting that they don’t pay their housekeepers enough and they want you and I to make up for their employee’s skimpy paychecks.  Hey Marriotts, how about paying a living wage?

According to the CBCnews:

Marriott hotels are urging guests to leave tips for housekeepers in envelopes provided in their rooms.

More than 160,000 Marriott hotel rooms across Canada and the U.S. include special envelopes to encourage travelers to leave tips and thank-you notes for housekeeping staff.

The program is the brainchild of Maria Shriver’s foundation, A Woman’s Nation, created as a response to under-appreciated housekeeping staff who are often overlooked for tips because they have little contact with guests, according to the foundation’s site.

But it seems like the program is taking a lot of flack.  According to Fischer McKay:

Tipping housekeepers is the right thing to do, but the envelopes are a tacit admission by the owners that they are not paying their employees enough.

And Michael Mombourquette:

Sounds like the hotel is looking for ways to avoid paying their staff a decent salary and benefits by telling them they’ll get tips.

Perhaps Maria should be concentrating her efforts on getting Marriott et al. to pay their employees a living wage.  People who stay at a Marriott pay $200+/night to stay at their hotels, plus they charge for Internet service and serve overpriced food and booze.  I’ll tip more, but don’t tell me the Marriotts can’t afford to pay their housekeepers more.  But I forgot, they don’t have the income from pornography anymore.

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6 Responses to Marriotts, Why Don’t You Pay Your Housekeepers More?

  1. Susan says:

    I always leave a tip, Marriott or not. Marriott did not write the book on this. Most hotels/hotel chains pay their housekeeping guests a very minimal wage and they rely on tips. So do restaurant and other hospitality employees. A tip is a great way to say “thank you”. I have stayed at hotels before where an envelope was placed as a nudge to patrons to tip. I do not find it offensive. A tip most likely also causes the housekeeping employee to take a few extra steps to ensure your room is satisfactory. Marriott does not own this. The minimuim wage needs to be raised for all employees.

    • rogerdhansen says:

      So are you arguing the case that the Marriotts couldn’t raise their rates $2 (1 percent) and then pay their housekeepers a decent wage? I don’t find the envelopes offensive, I find the need for the envelopes offensive. And the Marriotts are as much to blame as those who don’t tip.

  2. Susan says:

    It would not matter to me, personally, if the Marriott’s raised their rates. I would still tip their housekeepers and any others in the service industry. The need for envelopes may be necessary because so many people forget to tip, thus the friendly reminder (or unfriendly, depending upon your point of view). Do you always remember to tip, Roger?

    • rogerdhansen says:

      No, I don’t always remember to tip. And I don’t mind the Marriotts leaving an envelope. What I do mind is the Marriotts not paying a living wage and then trying ease their consciences by leaving a tip envelope.

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  4. alice says:

    I stopped staying at Marriotts when I stayed at an uptown Marriott in Portland OR. Not only was the room fee stiff but they charged a ridiculous fee for the internet and then there was another gouging for the parking.

    I can stay at anyplace along Interstate 5 that travels from one end of the West Coast to the other without ever having to pay for internet or parking.

    I tip housekeeping wherever I am but that’s a personal expression of appreciation from me to the kind anonymous women who make me comfortable and clean up after me NOT an excuse to exploit employees.

    Just how much would it hurt the Marriotts’ bottom line to pay the people they COULD NOT do business without? Think they’d actually have to resign from a single one of their private clubs or leave a yacht at the dock for a day?

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