Comments about Mormon Missions, Part XI (Walker Wright)

by Walker Wright (from

Stats of mission tracting and contacting were unreliable.  I knew for a fact that over the past year missionaries had lied about their stats.  I had lied about my stats on occasion.  I also knew that missionaries stretched the definition of a “contact” (the mission president apparently recognized this too and attempted to define what counted as a contact) in order to boost their numbers.  One could say that these missionaries (including me) just didn’t “have the Spirit” with them.  Perhaps.  One could also say that we were responding to incentives.  These numbers supposedly represented our quality as missionaries.  In an effort to avoid spiritual shaming and the (unlikely) possibility of being sent home, we missionaries fudged our numbers.  This meant that the statistics were either based on fabricated numbers or so lacking in quality that they might as well have been.  Instead of catching the vision, we were focused solely on making our quota.

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