Another Important Mormon Missionary Memoir

This blog has encouraged more reality in Mormon missionary stories.  And I have attempted to highlight some of the quirkier and humorous aspects of Mormon missions.  Along that line I would like to promote a book recently published by Craig Harline, a BYU professor of European history.

His book is titled Way Below the Angels:  The Pretty Clearly Troubled but Not even Close to Tragic Confessions of a Real Live Mormon Missionary.   It’s the author’s remembrances about an event that occurred nearly 40 years ago.  According to the publisher’s promotion:

When Craig Harline set off on his two-year Mormon mission to Belgium [Flemish area] in the 1970s, he had big dreams of doing miracles, converting the masses, and coming home a hero.  What he found instead was a lot of rain and cold, one sentence conversations with irritated people, and silly squabbles with fellow missionaries.

Not Too Many Family Discussions in Flanders

Not Too Many Family Discussions in Flanders

I have not read the book, but I plan to.  I served a mission in the Franco-Belgian Mission [French area] in the mid-1960s.  And my experiences would seem to mirror those of Harline’s.  The book has received excellent reviews:

We’ve been blessed in recent years with a lot of fine and increasingly honest scholarship in the church; it’s wonderful to see that same maturity on display in the arena of personal memoir.  This is a great book.  You won’t see it sold anytime soon in the MTC, I suspect, which is unfortunate–but that just means you can give it to future missionaries in your life yourself.

Thank you Craig Harline for writing this book.

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