A Suggested Name Change for “Ordain Women”

Since LDS Church leaders feel that the “Ordain Women” or “OW” organization is being too strident, I would like to suggest some possible name changes that would make the group look less demanding, and allow its members to maintain their church membership.

One possible improvement might be to call the organization “Please Ordain Women.”  This new name would make their appeal more polite, and less threatening to an all-male leadership.  However, the acronym “POW” might sound a little too militant, and could also be confused with the common usage “Prisoner of War.”

Cartoon by Howie Post

Cartoon by Howie Post

To mute the decidedly aggressive sound of “POW,” “OW” might want to consider “PLOW” or “PROW.”  “PLOW” could stand for “Please Leaders Ordain Women.”  This acronym has some very positive attributes associated with it.  For example, it harkens back to pre-Internet days when Church members were more agrarian and life was much simpler.  But it could also conjure up images of women behind plows which might not be the image that “OW” wants to cultivate (sorry for the pun).


“PROW” might be a better alternative.  The acronym could stand for “Please Reconsider Ordaining Women.”  The prow of a ship is the leading edge, and thus maintains a cutting-edge feel for the organization, and it still includes the very polite word “please.”  While “PROW” doesn’t have the negatives associated with the other two suggestions, it still isn’t perfect.  The word “PROW” might suggest the image of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio celebrating on the bow of the Titanic.

This Could Be Kate Kelly Leading the Way

This Could Be Kate Kelly Leading the Way

Anyway, if “OW” decides to switch to “PROW,” Kate Kelly could call herself Captain, and her associates could be the First/Second Officers etc.

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