Artistic Waterwheels and Drums in Southern Utah

We were traveling the scenic Hell’s Backbone Road between Escalante and Boulder UT, when we came upon a small B&B called the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch.  We were interested in checking out the accommodations.  Unfortunately the owner/operators were not there.  But scattered in their landscape are 3 interesting, decorative, artistic waterwheels.  The 3 run from large (over 7 feet high) to complicated (multiple wheels) to fairly simple (small single wheel).

Peterson's Largest Waterwheel at BMGR

Peterson’s Largest Waterwheel at BMGR

Next to the largest waterwheel was a small sign.  After returning to Provo, I did an internet search on the information provided.

Sign Adjacent to the Largest Waterwheel at BMGR

Sign Adjacent to the Largest Waterwheel at BMGR

The three hydro-wheels at BMGR are the work of Keven Peterson, of Escalante.  Keven is apparently best known for his Indian-looking drums.  They can be purchased through the website Tribal Sounds.  But more recently, he has gotten very established in the artistic waterwheel business.  At first, Keven’s interest was in generating power.  However, in time, he started thinking about aesthetics, and his work evolved into creating works of art.  His biggest and best work can sell for as much as $30,000.  But luckily, lower-cost waterwheels are also available.

Simplest Waterwheel at BMGR

Simplest Waterwheel at BMGR

Keven reports that his dream project:

would combine the flexibility of buffalo bones, old-time records (the kinds that rotate), and a wall of drums run by a hydro-wheel.  Once the drums were initially set in motion, they would automatically make music powered by the force of water.

You’ve got to admire those who think outside the box.

The Most Complicated Hydrowheel (with BMGR in the Background)

The Most Complicated Hydrowheel (with BMGR in the Background)


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