Student Designs for Outdoor Playground Equipment

As a class assignment, an industrial design prof at Brigham Young University (BYU) had his students design equipment for use in areas under served by outdoor playgrounds.  Below are a few of the designs, as well as some of my concerns.  We hope to install and test several of the designs this Fall in the Navajo Nation.


On the above design, I worry about the metal plate on top of the tower.  It is provides shade, but could be a falling hazard in its current configuration (and I don’t like the square corners).  I wonder about using a circular plate or maybe just using canvas.  The circular plate would require some sort of railing.  I think a slide would be nice off the intermediate platform.  I like the creative use of tires, but they need to be well away from the swing and tire seats.


On the above design, I wonder about replacing the rope apparatus with a slide (the rope might require too much maintenance).  The slide still maintains the tepee shape.  I’m also concerned about the monkey bars over the swing seats.  I wonder about putting hand-holds on the plywood and using the tepee as climbing walls.


I like the creative nature of the above design.  But it seems like the flat area ought to be solid instead of rope or chain.  I like the “wings” but wonder is something other than rope–something of a more permanent nature–could be used?

playground4 The above is a very cool idea.  I wonder about a round ship instead of a square one, something more like a merry-go-round?  The sail is a great idea for providing shape, something in short supply during hot summer months.  As for the crow’s nest, do you want it accessible to kids?  I also wonder about the helm area (captain’s wheel).  If the ship functions like a merry-go-round, might the helm area be a hazard?

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  1. Syed Shahed says:

    I m interested in play ground equipment

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