Recommended Motels/Inns/Lodges in Southeastern Utah

Southeastern Utah (Four Corners Area) is a beautiful place to visit.  There are some fun motels and bed-and-breakfasts (B&B) in the area.  Here are six that I would recommend (and have stayed in):

  • Grist Mill Inn:  This B&B in Monticello is a partially restored grist mill.  It is well run and has an excellent breakfast.  Monticello doesn’t have a lot of good places to eat, so you are limited in your dining option.  This B&B is an inexpensive but fun place to stay.  The city does have a state liquor store.
  • Stone Lizard Lodge:  This “lodge” in Blanding City is a nicely restored older motel.  But don’t let that put you off.  The owners and staff are very friendly, and rooms are small but nice.  No breakfast is provided.  Like Monticello, your dining options in Blanding are limited.  The rooms at the Stone Lizard do have small refrigerators and microwaves.  This motel is an inexpensive and inviting place to stay.  Blanding is dry, but you can buy beer at the gas station south of the airport.
  • La Posada Pintada Boutique Inn:  This B&B (sort of) in Bluff is a newly constructed double box made from homemade bricks.  The seven rooms are very nice (excellent beds and decor) and have small porches that provide a scenic view of the adjacent red rock cliffs.  The owner is very friendly and has a good knowledge of southeastern Utah.  The inn provides an excellent breakfast.  This B&B is moderately priced, but worth it.  There are two good places to eat in town:  Twin Rocks Cafe and Steakhouse (both serve beer and wine).  There is no state liquor store in Bluff, but you can buy beer at the only gas station in town.
La Posada Pintada Boutique Inn in Bluff

La Posada Pintada Boutique Inn in Bluff

  • Recapture Lodge:  This is a funky old-style motel in Bluff.  It is a favorite of the outdoor hiking crowd.  A minimal breakfast is provided.  This is an inexpensive place to stay with lots of old-time atmosphere.  The lodge has a heated swimming pool which is available in the summer.  The staff is very knowledgeable and provides occasional slide shows on topics like rock art, geology, archaeology, and local interests.
  • The Desert Rose Inn and Cabins:  Located on the western edge of Bluff, this motel and adjacent cabins are constructed from logs.  The wooden walkways can be noisy in the morning when the maids are moving carts.  The motel is currently being expanded to include additional rooms, an enclosed swimming pool, and an exercise room.  No breakfast is served and the cost for the rooms is moderately high.
  • Valley of the Gods Bed and Breakfast:  This B&B is the most interesting place to stay in southeastern Utah.  It is located in an old rock ranch house about 8 miles northwest of Mexican Hat.  This isolated B&B has only four rooms (3 in the old ranch house and one in a detached building) and is fairly expensive.  If you want to stay here, you need to make reservations well in advance.  Power is provided by the sun, water is trucked in, and the breakfast is terrific.  This B&B is located in a very scenic locale with easy access to Valley of the Gods, Cedar Mesa, Goose Necks of the San Juan, and Monument Valley Tribal Park.  And a drive up nearby Moqui Dugway is a must.  You can eat at the Swinging Steak in Mexican Hat, or in Bluff or Monument Valley (the Navajo Reservation is dry).
Valley of the Gods B&B and Its Beautiful Backdrop

Valley of the Gods B&B and Its Beautiful Backdrop

Prices in the above motels/inns/lodges/B&Bs can be seasonal, with winter being the least expensive.  Valley of the Gods may shut down for part of the winter.  If you want to drink, it is a good idea to bring it with you.

Wherever you chose to stay, you will enjoy southeastern Utah.  You will be escaping the insane crowds that congregate around Moab.

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