120,000 LDS Children Are Malnourished

Updated:  26 Apr 2014

Robert A. Rees, vice-president of the Liahona Children’s Foundation, recently described the problem of malnutrition among LDS children from around the world:

  • 120,000 LDS children are malnourished;
  • Malnourished children often suffer significant decreases in permanent brain function;
  • Research by the World Health Organization promotes the use of nutritional supplements to overcome nutritional deficiencies; and
  • Supplementation prevents death in 5-10 percent of children affected by severe malnutrition.

The Liahona Children’s Foundation currently has more than 30 operations and serves about 4,500 LDS children in Cambodia, Ecuador, and Peru.  Please consider donating.

This entry is adapted from a post by Christopher Smith on withoutend.org.

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