Increasing Restlessness of the LDS Membership

It’s been awhile (see here and here) since I’ve made a partial summary of some of the issues bouncing around in the Mormon membership.

Some of the ones listed below are fairly trivial, others are much more substantial.  The reader can decide which is which:

  • Dissatisfaction with Church magazines;  A general discussion.  A specific problem here.  Suggested improvements.  Quote:  “I remember hearing at BYU that the Ensign is the most-subscribed-to, least-read magazine in the world.”
  • Poor quality of books and bizarre trinkets at Deseret Book;  Specific problems here, here, and here.
  • Difficulties with Old Testament literalness;  A Noah discussion.  A Lot (Sodom) discussion.  Quote:  “Let us recognize that scripture is complicated, and not primarily history.”
The Legend of Noah's Ark Sinking

The Legend of Noah’s Ark Sinking

  • Overemphasis on girl’s and women’s frocks;  General discussions herehere, and here.
  • Issues with temple marriage;  Check here and here.  Quote:  “Love should matter more than policy, convention or custom. (Kirby)”
  • Suggested changes to the LDS missionary program;
  • Unnecessary confessions to Bishops; and
  • Emeritus status for senior LDS leadership.

Women in Church leadership and LBGT issues continue to be hot.  But they are well covered elsewhere.

The LDS Church leadership is no longer able to control the narrative.  It will be interesting to see what effect this will have long term on the dynamics of Church doctrine and policies.

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