What Are the World’s Most-Trafficked Wildlife?

According to short write-up in Time magazine (25 Nov 2013):

Illegal animal trading is already a multibillion-dollar business, but in the wake of a bust at an airport in Thailand where authorities seized 470 protected turtles, conservationists warn that it’s on the rise and putting more species in danger of extinction:

African Elephant:  Poachers killed about 35,000 of them in 2012 to keep up with consumer and black-market demand for their tusks.  In November, the U.S. sent a cease-and-desist message by publicly destroying 6 tons of seized ivory.

Black Rhinoceros:  It horns, rumored in China and Vietnam to cure hangovers and disease, can reportedly fetch up to $30,000/lb on the black market.

Mountain Gorilla:  The youngest of these apes are prized by poachers, selling for up to $40,000 each on the black market.  Fewer than 900 remain in central Africa after decades of hunting and habitat destruction.

Also mentioned in the Time article are the Scarlet Macaw and Bengal Tiger, but I’ve only highlighted the African species (and more specifically species found in Uganda) in this blog post.

Rhino at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Rhino at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

It should be noted the Idi Amin was responsible for the last rhino (southern white) killed in Uganda.  However, there is currently an effort to reestablish the species at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary located on the Gulu Road not far from Muchison Falls National Park.

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