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“Gravity”: A Short Movie Review

The movie Gravity has been widely reviewed at other venues, so I will try and mention a few “new” angles.  First, the screen action seems preposterous and unrealistic, but the visuals are stunning and very realistic.  Second, the two actors–Sandra Bullock and … Continue reading

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Deseret Book Is Growing Increasingly Tiresome

I recently received a flyer from Deseret Book for a book titled:  The Romney Family Table:  Sharing Home Cooked Recipes and Favorite Traditions.  Hasn’t Deseret Book and the Romney’s embarrassed us enough?  Do we really need another book about the … Continue reading

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More on Conflicts Between Science and Religion

by Allen Leigh, contributor In a previous post, I discussed a basic reason why there are conflicts between science and religion: Scientists base their conclusions on hard data obtained from observations and tests. Religionists base their doctrine on faith. Scientists … Continue reading

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My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Yesterday, I had my 15 minutes of fame.  And today, I’m more than happy to slip back into obscurity. Yesterday it was announced that my youngest brother–Lars Peter Hansen–is going to receive the Nobel Prize for economics.  Being the proud … Continue reading

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Thoughts About Change in the LDS Church

In one of the most important paragraphs written about the contemporary LDS Church, the editorial writers for the SLTrib note: To think of the global LDS Church in terms of monolithic absolutes would be wrong.  Like any faith group, political … Continue reading

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Lars Peter Hansen, My Brother, Earns the Nobel Prize

My youngest brother called this morning.  He had just been notified that he was one of three Americans who will be awarded the Nobel Prize in economics in Stockholm, Sweden. Lars Peter Hansen is a world-renown econometrician and an economics … Continue reading

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Mixed Messages from LDS Fall 2013 Conference

The LDS 2013 Fall Semi-annual Conference started out with a bang and ended with a whimper.  The most memorable and topical speech of the conference was given late Saturday morning by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  In it, he addressed the … Continue reading

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