“Elements,” New Monumental Artwork in Green River, UT

Another monumental sculptural piece (or land art) now graces the town of Green River, Utah. This enigmatic work–titled “Elements”–is near another cryptic piece titled “The Ratio.” Both are the work of artist Andrew Rogers and were financed by Herbert Steiner, a blind Seattle schoolteacher and railroad buff.

"Elements" with "The Ratio" in the Background in Green River, UT

“Elements” with “The Ratio” in the Background in Green River, UT

Completed in early September, “Elements” consists of four 33-foot-high columns representing the basic elements of earth, fire, water, and wind. Like “The Ratio.” one of the columns is capped with 23-carat gold.

According to Tom Wharton writing in the SLTrib (20 Oct 2013):

“Elements,” near “The Ratio” on the same dusty hill between I-70 and the Green River Amtrak station on the east end of town, is not quite as obvious for interstate travelers. It is best viewed from near the train station.

Commenting on his motivation for financing the two monumental art projects, Steiner stated: “These scuptures are the most important thing I’m leaving behind.” In other words, they are his legacy.

In an email to Wharton, Rogers indicated that Steiner is talking about another sculpture. He has proposed a 65-foot-high single tapering column, the top of which would be also covered with 23-carat gold. This would be a Fibonacci column, designed to have synergy with “The Ratio.”

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