My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Yesterday, I had my 15 minutes of fame.  And today, I’m more than happy to slip back into obscurity.

Yesterday it was announced that my youngest brother–Lars Peter Hansen–is going to receive the Nobel Prize for economics.  Being the proud older brother, I immediately posted something on this blog.  Visits to my blog shot up immediately.  My daily average is approximately 120; yesterday it zoomed up to 863 visits, and this site is again being heavily visited today.

Additionally, yesterday, I was contacted by two local SLC channels (13-Fox and 2-CBS) about doing an interview discussing my brother for their late evening news.  Even though I’m uncomfortable in front of a camera, I agreed.  Big mistake.

I usually get a haircut about once every four months, and I was due to get one.  I hadn’t shaved for a couple of days.  My face, which is normally blotchy, has become increasing red–around by nose and mouth–since I started using a different mask for my V-PAP machine (I have sleep apnea.).  In addition, I’m at least 20-lbs overweight and I never dress up.  Levis, a shirt, and sandals are pretty much par for the course.

The channel 13 news team (reporter and cameraman) were very low-key, but friendly.  We taped outdoors.  The Channel 2 team was much more formal, and we taped in my living room.

I wasn’t going to watch either story when it aired on the local news.  I’m very uncomfortable watching myself on TV or on tape.  But at 9 pm, my curiosity got the better of me and I watched.  The story seemed okay, but I looked like I had slept under a bridge the night before.  I looked awful.

Unfortunately, I then watched the 10 pm news story on channel 2.  I was the only interviewee and I didn’t like with the way it was edited.  I didn’t think it told my brother’s story very well.  And I looked even worse under the harsh indoor lighting than I had under natural light.  I don’t blame the editing; I really said all the things in the story and I really do look that bad.  But somehow I ended up looking and sounding like Billy Carter (President Jimmy Carter’s wayward brother).

Billy Carter with His Slightly More Famous Brother.

Billy Carter with His Slightly More Famous Brother.

I could hardly sleep last night.  So I’m writing this after having a sleepless night.  I just hope my famous brother doesn’t see either of the news stories.  I think I will put a sack over my head for at least a week.

What I Might Look Like with a Bag on My Head

What I Might Look Like with a Bag on My Head

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5 Responses to My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

  1. bretberger says:

    You’re a funny guy, but not funny looking. Don’t sweat it.

  2. Lincoln Cannon says:

    Ha. Well, most of us feel that way on camera. Congrats to your brother!

  3. Sven, economist says:

    You seem to share the humility of you brother, whom I very much admire. Like the above commenter notes, don’t sweat it.

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