Which Bugs Should You Eat?

There is currently an international push–being spearheaded by the U.N.–to encourage global population to eat more insects.  Bugs are a very efficient protein delivery system.  According to a recent Time magazine (27 May 2013):

A new U.N. report suggests that nutrient-rich insects are too often overlooked in everyday diets.  Here are some average protein contents (per 100-g servings):

  • Crickets:  8-25 g
  • Caterpillars:  10-17 g
  • Grasshoppers:  13-28 g
  • Termites:  13-28 g
  • Raw beef:  19-26 g

As I’ve mentioned previously in this blog, grasshoppers are a popular delicacy in Uganda.

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3 Responses to Which Bugs Should You Eat?

  1. Susan says:

    What bugs seem to appease you, Roger? Enough of the statistics, I want to know if you’re into eating bugs???

  2. rogerdhansen says:

    Appease seems like a strange word to use in this context. Did you mean appeal?

    I haven’t eaten a lot of bugs. I ate a variety in Thailand, but I didn’t like any of them. The grasshoppers that they serve in Uganda look much more interesting, but I’ve yet to eat very many. Eventually, I will start to practice what I preach.

  3. Susan says:

    I used appease in the context “satisfy”. What kind of bugs “satisfy” you?

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