Star Trek Into Darkness, A Short Movie Review

I need to get this out of the way first:  Star Trek Into Darkness is a major disappointment for reasons I will discuss below.  To waste all of this money on special effects and all the potential of the Star Trek franchise is a travesity.  Ironically, the movie was well-received by movie critics.

The original Star Trek was inventive, not because of its non-stop action or its special effects (who can forget the bouncing rocks), but because of the humanity of its scripts.  Somewhere, this inventiveness has been lost.  There are some minor attempts in Darkness to rise above the slam-bang action, but they get totally inundated by the movie’s flashiness.

Here are three examples of lost potential intelligent scripting:

  • There is a discussion of the “Prime Directive” (non-interference in other cultures, particularly those more primitive).  This topic is very germaine in today’s rapidly changing world.  But who remembers this after watching all of Darkness’s fancy special effects. 
  • There is also some interesting dialogue surrounding Captain Kirk’s slowly developing moral compass.  With Pike, Scotty, and Spock trying to rein in Kirk’s blustery enthusiasm.  But again this is lost. 
  • And the nature and issues related to terrorism are subjects that should have been developed, particularly given our current world situation.  But again they weren’t.  Another opportunity lost.

Instead we have a special effects extravaganza.  And as the movie continues toward its inevitable conclusion, the action gets more and more ridiculous.  Toward the end of movie, I actually found myself laughing.  I guess the problem with pre-quals, and Darkness is obviously a pre-qual, is you know who is going to survive and that’s takes much of the edge off.

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