The Institutional LDS Church

The following was written by RJH for a recent post on bcc.  It concisely makes very important points about what it means to be Christain and, in particular, a LDS Church member.  Under the heading “Have concern for people,” RJH writes (with a heavy indebtedness to Lowell Bennion):

We are here to serve people not programs or institutions or things. Notice how Jesus was interested in people, particularly the alienated of society and those we would consider to be sinners. He respected the law but did not make it an end to be served. He forgave the sinner, healed on the Sabbath and spoke out  against those more devoted to rules than to people. “Even the Church is an instrument to bless people. It is not an end in itself. Man was not made for the Church, but the Church was made for people. We should not serve the Church, but rather people through the Church [quoting Bennion].” Be kind, don’t be self-righteous, and have mercy on those who “sin differently” than you do.


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