Constructing Swing Sets in Cambodia

One of the joys I have in life is constructing swing sets in rural areas in developing countries.  So far, my colleagues and I have installed over 20 swing sets in four countries, the lastest being Cambodia.

Recently, a friend was traveling to Cambodia to do some oversight work for his church’s humanitarian arm.  He agree to show me some of “the ropes” while he was there.  So I met up with him in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and we spent a day visiting rural schools.  After visiting 12 schools, a local school district official picked two schools to receive swing sets.  I had carried some of the smaller parts for the swing sets with me–in my checked luggage–from the United States.  But for the most part, I had to find parts in Cambodia.  This turned out to be easier than I expected.

To help me get around, my American friend had found a church member with a tuk-tuk (sort of  a rickshaw pulled by a small motor bike).  The tuk-tuk driver helped me find parts, have parts fabricated, transport parts, and construct the swing set on site.  He made my effort possible.

Swing Set Parts Loaded on the Tuk-Tuk

Swing Set Parts Loaded on the Tuk-Tuk

Over 2 day period, my tuk-tuk driver and I were able to complete two swing sets at two small rural schools.  At the first location, school was in session, so we attracted quite a crowd of students.  At the second site, villagers were ready for us and helped us assemble the swing set and cement in the footings.  At both sites, we had to do some minor–on the spot–modifications.  But the teachers and villagers were very helpful in getting the modifications made.

Installing a Swing Set in Rural Cambodia (My Tuk-Tuk Driver is Standing on the Table)

Installing a Swing Set in Rural Cambodia (My Tuk-Tuk Driver is Standing on the Table)

PS.  While in Siem Reap, I did take time to visit the historic Hindu temple ruin complex at Angkor Wat.

The Main Temple Complex at Angkor Wat

The Main Temple Complex at Angkor Wat

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5 Responses to Constructing Swing Sets in Cambodia

  1. Susan says:

    You are a great guy, Roger. The world needs a few more of you. Think how many lives you have touched by your compassion and caring. Every child that swings on one of those swings is blessed by having your work come into their lives.

  2. Tina says:

    What great projects to complete. What joy and happiness you’re instilling in those children’s lives. Those swing sets will be sure to be enjoyed for decades to come!

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