Micro-loans, Kiva, and MTA

I try to spend upwards of 2 months a year in Uganda.  In fact, I’m currently in Uganda.

Uganda is a very poor country.  One way to help individuals trapped in poverty is through micro-loans, loans that don’t amount to much for us, but are important for those trying to stay alive and trying to make improvements in their standard of living.

The website “kiva” matches lenders (in developed countries) with borrowers (in developing countries).  Lincoln Canon, president of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, has started an initiative that encourages members of MTA to participate through “kiva.”

The organizations that I’m associated with believe strongly in micro-loan programs.  So please, even if you are not a member of MTA, consider joining Lincoln and investing in the future of the world’s poor.

Ugandan Women's Group Getting a Micro-loan from a Utah NGO (Interethnic Health Alliance)

Ugandan Women’s Group Getting a Micro-loan from a Utah NGO (Interethnic Health Alliance)

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One Response to Micro-loans, Kiva, and MTA

  1. Lincoln Cannon says:

    Thanks for your support, Roger. For interested persons that read this post, here’s a link to the Kiva team for the Mormon Transhumanist Association: http://www.kiva.org/team/transfigurism

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