Mormon(s) of the Year: 2012

I would like to nominate for “Mormons of the Year 2012” all those LDS politicians who continue to embarass us on a regular basis.  Here is a partial list:

Senator Mike Lee:  For selling out to his mortgage company (he was bought cheap); for leading the fight against the U.N. treaty on the rights of persons with disabilities (for some paranoid reason); for defending the sale of assault weapons, and for many more foibles past, present, and future.  Additionally, he is a major spokesman for the black-helicopter faction of the Republican party.

Senator Orrin Hatch:  For saying on 2012 campaign billboard that its “Utah’s turn to lead.”  After spending 36 years in Washington, shouldn’t he have been trying to lead before now?  He also voted against the U.N. treaty on the rights of person with disabilities, and I’m sure he supports the continued sale of assault weapons.  The SLTrib listed as one of their “dream” headlines for 2013:  “Orrin Hatch relocates backbone, declares DREAM Act a no-brainer.”  The senator and his relatives are shills for the supplement industry which thrives in Utah . . . and this questionable industry repays them well.  He is the author of a “wonderful” book titled:  American, Mormon, and Christian:  What I Believe; I can hardly wait to read it.  I hope this isn’t another tawdry attempt to make a buck.  In Orrin’s defense, he does support stem-cell research.  Something that Mitt Romney refused to do.

Representative Jim Matheson:  For pretending to be a Democrat.  How do you feel about assault weapons Jim?

Ex-Governor, former presidential candidate, and ex-Stake President Mitt Romney:  For looking and acting like a cold-hearted businessman and proving that you can have way too much money; for only releasing 2 years of tax returns (ironically he’s had 6 years to straighten them out); for having an interesting take on the truth; and for being cold-hearted (even un-Christian) about imigration reform.  I really don’t understand how Mitt can be against stem-cell research given his wife has MS.  And, of course, after the election, the ex-candidate couldn’t wait to get back on the board of Marriott Corp. so he could help promote their gambling interests.

Senator Mike Crapo (and ex-Bishop):  For being a hypocrite by being arrested for DUI (he likes vodka) and sponsoring legislation to reduce beer taxes on small brewers.  In 2010, he alleged that he abstains from alcohol.

Utah Legislature:  For reasons too numerous to list.  But here’s a partial list of questionable stances:  being anti-GLBT, being un-Christian on imigration reform, for promoting guns on university campuses, for gerrymandering our congressional districts, for doubting climate change, and for promoting creationism.  I almost wish they would meet in closed sessions so the embarassment wouldn’t continue.  But then, what would I and the Salt Lake Tribune have to laugh about?

Keep up the good work guys.  What would the Mormon church be without your fine Christain example?

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4 Responses to Mormon(s) of the Year: 2012

  1. Susan says:

    Don’t forget Gayle Ruzika, “Utah’s behind the scenes” rep for the LDS Church who takes a back seat to no one (literally). During the last Legislative session, a place was saved for her at the table when a break-out group at the Legislature met to discuss same sex marriages. It was standing room only, but Ruzika was sat at the table. As you said, the Legislature (and Ruzika) are an embarrassment. And how in the world this state ever elected Orrin Hatch to another term is an absolute mystery to me. Wait a minute, I need to pop another vitamin in his honor….

  2. Kevin Rex says:

    And, don’t forget Mayor Fife of Brigham City begging us all to forgive him, which I’m happy to do, just, please resign! As if we couldn’t do without him and he blames us for “not” forgiving him.

  3. rogerdhansen says:

    Another negative observation about the State Legislature: For only allowing leaders of the LDS Church to pray at the start of their opening sessions. (According to Steve Warren, “A review of the Legislature’s website, which contains journals for the past 16 years, shows that all 32 House and Senate invocations were offered by LDS Authorities.”) So much for diversity.

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