The U.N. Has Failed in the Congo

I travel to Uganda frequently.  Just across Uganda’s western border is eastern Congo.  The eastern Congo has been at war with rebels and warlords for decades.  The twin problems are tribalism and rich natural resources.  According a recent article in Time (10 Dec 2012):

Nobody knows who, if anyone, will emerge the victor after rebels in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo captured and then–after a week of enjoying its bars and banks–agreed to leave the city of Goma.  But there is no doubt about the loser.  Despite being the largest and most expensive U.N. peacekeeping mission, with 19,000 men in uniform and an annual cost of $1.4 billion, the U.N.’s Congo force, Monusco, did nothing to stop the rebels known as the M23 and made little effort to protect civilians.  On Nov 20, when Goma fell after the Congolese army, which Monusco supports, fled the city, Monusco armored trucks were seen overtaking columns of refugees as they hurried to retreat.  A week later, on Nov 28, details emerged of a mass rape of about 100 women carried out by Congolese-army troops at a base in the nearby town of Minova.  France call Monusco’s behavior “absurd.”  Congolese were less kind, attacking U.N. bases and throwing stones at U.N. vehicles.

Many have accused neighboring Uganda and Rwanda of aiding the rebels.

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