Volunteering in Navajo Country

During the month of October 2012 several groups did volunteer work on the northern edge of the Navajo Nation.  These groups included:  Brigham Young University GEO Club, Engineers Without Border (University of Utah Student Chapter), Engineers Without Borders (Great Salt Lake Professional Chapter, and several unaffiliated individuals.

BYU Volunteers Working on the Skow Home, southwest of Blanding

Working was done on a variety of project including:

  • Assisting DesignBuildBluff with the construction of new home located southwest of Blanding UT.
  • Making repairs and adding a rainwater harvesting system to the Shorty home located north of Aneth UT.
  • Assisting with the construction of a rainwater harvesting system in the sandstone formations south of Montezuma Creek UT.
  • Assisting Hearts and Hands in Action on an octagonal home in Round Rock AZ;
  • Installing outdoor recreation equipment in the Navajo subdivision of Westwater, located adjacent to Blanding City UT. and
  • Removing trash from the Westwater development.

The Skow Home was Designed and Partically Constructed by Students from the University of Utah.

Forty plus volunteers worked on the six projects.  They were assisted by Navajos living in the respective areas.

Volunteers and Others (including the Owner) Working on a Sandstone Waterharvesting System

All of the work was coordinated through DesignBuildBluff (a non-profit organization that provides design and construction experience to graduate architecture students), Hearts and Hands in Action (a Utah NGO), Natural Resource Conservation Service (Department of Agriculture) and the Bureau of Reclamation (Department of Interior).

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