Some Random Thoughts About Bill Murray

I was recently in the Navajo Nation working to remove some old delapidated mobile homes.  As we were loading debry onto a trailer, I looked down and discovered an autographed black-and-white glossy photograph of Bill Murray.

I questioned the Navajo we were helping, and he indicated that the owner–his aunt–of the old trailer had appeared as an extra in a Bill Murray film that had shot location footage in Moab, UT.

Autographed Picture of Bill Murray Standing Next to His Co-star

When I returned to my office, I looked up the name of the movie.  It was titled:  Larger Than Life (1996) and Murray was the headliner.  The movie was panned by the critics (11 percent approval rating on and was a bust at the box office.  Murray was accused of being too layback by Roger Ebert.  (Is that possible?  Isn’t that called sleeping?)

Bill Murray, Comedian and Actor

I personally enjoy the movies where Bill Murray has a supporting role, where he is the co-star and not the star.  A little of Murray goes a long way . . . but there is an existential feel to his acting that I love and relate to.  A few of his best co-starring appearances include:  Ed Wood, Rushmore, Get Low, Zombieland, and Moonrise Kingdom.  I particularly liked him in Get Low.   And he was great as the star in Lost in Translation.  Bill Murray is an underappreciated movie talent.

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