How Big is the Mormon Tent?

One liberal version of the Mormon tent size was presented by President Joseph F. Smith in testimony before the Congress of the United States (mid-1910s).  He testified that LDS Church members are

given the largest possible latitude of their convictions, and if a man rejects a message that I may give to him but is still moral and believes in the main principles of the gospel and desires to continue in his membership in the Church, he is permitted to remain.

He also observed that

Members of the Mormon church are not all united on every principle.  Every man is entitled to his own opinion and his own views and his own conceptions of right and wrong so long as they do not come in conflict with the standard principles of the Church.  If a man assumes to deny God and to become an infidel, we withdraw fellowship from him.  But so long as a man believes in God has a little faith in the Church organization, we nurture and aid that person to continue faithfully as a member of the Church though he may not believe all that is revealed.

According to D. Jeff Burton writing in Sunstone (Sep 2012, p. 55):

President Smith’s testimony suggest that, in those earlier day, the Church was making accommodations to Borderland-type members.

It should be mentioned that President Smith was testifying with a political agenda that must have influenced his message.

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