“Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet,” a Book Review

I have not read John G. Turner’s new biography of Brigham Young.  But I understand that it is an outstanding piece of scholarship.  The following is an excerpt from a Gary James Bergera review of Brigham Young:  Pioneer Prophet that appeared in the SLTrib (7 Oct 2012):

[John G.] Turner’s work, published by Harvard University Press, is a major accomplishment that more than any past treatment of Young, situates the protean prophet squarely in the context of his turbulent times.

Turner, assistant professor of religious studies at George Mason University is not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and brings to Young an emotional objectivity and distance that greatly benefit his profile of the 19th century Mormon leader and colonizer.

Turner unflinchingly tackles the full spectrum, warts and all, of Young’s multifarious personality and life.

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