One Mormon’s Opinion of Genesis

Here is RJH’s (Ronan’s) take (from on the early chapters of Genesis:

One thing that might help is that we expect too much from ancient histories.  History as a genre is a modern idea.  Nowadays we expect history to be factual to be of any use.  Ancient writers (and some modern ones) interweave myth, ethics, theology, and polemics into their stories, not always intending for us to take them as literally true.  There are other kinds of truth.  I believe that Animal Farm is a true representation of the abuses of Soviet Russia and totalitarianism in general, but I do not believe that farmyard animals can talk.  Some truth is literal, some is not.

He also deals with the creation of mankind:

You’re probably going to wonder about Adam and Eve in all of this, what place they have in human history is beyond me, I’m afraid.  Mostly, I’m happy to follow the temple’s advice and see myself as “an Adam,” a fallen man who needs redemption.

Ronan comes to the following conclusion:

Mormonism is not wedded to young earth creationism, anti-evolutionary thinking, or literal “no death before the fall” doctrines.  For every prophet who has been suspicious of science there is another who wasn’t.

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