Press Coverage of Mormons at the DNC

Here are a few quotes from various sources concerning Mormons at the Democratic National Convention.  According to humorist Joel Stein, columnist for Time magazine (17 Sep 2012):

. . . I needed to find the rarest of all Democratic interest groups:  straight white men.  Finally I tracked down the first national meeting of Mormon Democrats, at the Holiday Inn.  I walked in, scooped up some mac and cheese, listened to a band play “Killing be Softly” and stood next to a guy in a linen suit at a bar that didn’t serve alcohol.  I felt just like I was in an episode of Matlock.

After a prayer, Senate majority leader Harry Reid forced the group’s chair, Crystal Young-Otterstrom, to come to the podium to sing.  Her version of “Have You Done Any Good in the World Today?” made many participants weep and me long for a beat.

Mormon blogger Joanna Brooks in (10 Sep 2012) asks the question “Where are the Mormon ‘Nuns on the Bus?”

There is no [strong] voice of conscience coming from the Mormon faith tradition.

To be sure, there are Mormon Democrats–who announce their presence proudly last week at a DNC event featuring the ever-pugilistic Senator Harry Reid urging his co-religionists to “worry less what the neighbors think” when it comes to standing up for progressive politics in Mormon contexts.

But instead of iconic nuns on busses (pleading for social compassion), the iconic image Mormonism has given the world of late is suited young male missionaries marching on their way to suited business careers.

Joseph Walker writing for the (5 Sep 2012) reported that Scott Howell, Utah Democratic candidate for the Senate, apparently spent more time promoting the LDS Church than he did promoting social justice:

“I never thought I’d be walking into meetings at the Democratic National Convention carrying my triple combination [a bound volume of the three uniquely-LDS scriptures],” Howell said Wednesday afternoon during a telephone interview. . . .

“I’ve been reading from it and quoting from it . . .  For Latter-day Saints who are members of the Democratic Party, this is a ‘Mormon moment,’ too!”

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