Ongoing Humanitarian Disaster in South Sudan

I live part-time in Uganda, east-central Africa.  I love the country and try to visit at least once a year.

South Sudan–the world’s newest country, and one of the poorest–shares its southern border with northern Uganda.  South Sudan’s northern border is in dispute with Sudan; the border area is oil rich.  The two countries are now in an undeclared war.  The victims, as usual, are the civilians, principally women and children.

In a recent LIVE moderated panel discussion, representatives from Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sand Frontieres (MSF) discussed the emergency situation in northern South Sudan:

Over the past eight months, more than 170,000 refugees have fled fighting and aerial bombardments in Sudan’s South Kordofan and Blue Nile States for camps across the border in South Sudan.  Yet this escalating emergency has received scant media attention and garnered little in the way of donor funding compared to the scale of the crisis.

MSF has deployed thousands of staff to run hospitals and malnutrition feeding centers, build wells for drinking water, and provide sanitation services in response to the emergency in South Sudan.  Facing catastrophic death rates, excalating malnutrition, outbreaks of malaria, and extremely complex logistical hurdles, MSF teams are further scaling up an already massive aid effort in an incredibly challenging environment.

I would request that you seriously consider donating.  DWB is a wonderful organization and their efforts in South Sudan need your support.  You can contribute here.

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