Questions About How Mormon Leaders Allocate Funds

The following is taken from an article by Peter Henderson at

The Seventh-day Adventist Church, which had about 17 million members a year ago, appears to be getting a better return on investment [than the LDS Church]:  It builds smaller meeting houses and lots of schools and hospitals, and its numbers are swelling faster than the Mormons, said David Stewart, [a physician who leads the research group Cumorah.]  The Adventists claim a million new members join annually, compared with every three years or so for the Mormons.

“The Seventh-day Adventists clearly have a much more expansive humanitarian project in terms of buildings hospitals and medical schools and schools and universities and long-term developmental infrastructure around the world,” said Stewart.  “It’s paid off for them.”

The Mormon church, meanwhile, appears to be decreasing transparency and member control of donations.  New tithing slips give fewer donation options [for example, the Perpetual Education fund has been eliminated] and come with an expanded disclaimer saying the church has sole discretion over spending, even though it will make “reasonable efforts” to follow donors’ wishes.

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