Women and LDS Church Service

Over the last 8 days, two small events about women in the Mormon Church have come to my attention.  The first was related by a friend (woman). 

A counselor in the bishopric was looking for someone to give the opening and closing prayer at Sacrament Meeting.  My friend indicated that she would prefer the opening prayer, but was told that the opening prayer had to be given by a priesthood holder.  He used the Bishop’s Handbook to justify his decision.  I suspect the counselor is wrong, but I don’t have access to a Bishop’s Handbook.

The second event, which I witnessed, occurred yesterday at a Fast and Testimony Meeting in Africa.  At a baby blessing, the mother came forward with the baby.  She held the baby while the circle of priesthood holders surrounded her.  The baby was then given a blessing.  I suspect this was an aberation, but . . .

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2 Responses to Women and LDS Church Service

  1. Rachael says:

    Why not let the mother hold the baby? She is not part of the priesthood circle, while holding the baby in their midst. I actually have read of this occurring both in the United States and more commonly outside of it. I am currently pregnant and would love to participate in this way, but not sure if I will get approval. Unordained boys hold the microphone, why can’t the mom do that if she wishes too?

  2. susan says:

    I love the idea that the Mother is part of this. I’m curious that if this is happening in some LDS church services, is it kept “low-key” or frowned upon? I would LOVE to see the Mother (or other females) as part of this ritual. And why shouldn’t the Mother be just as much a part of this event in the blessing of the baby? (Please, no standard answer: because she doesn’t hold the priesthood). I’m glad you were able to witness this. I know you enough to assume it did not make you feel uncomfortable.

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