Recent Recommended Travel Movies

Here are four good recent travel movies:

  • The Way, starring Martin Sheen and directed by his son (guess which one), is a contemporary tale about walking the medieval pilgrimage route across northern Spain.  While I don’t understand why Martin and his fellow trekkers didn’t have foot problems, the movie is still recommended.  It does, however, follow the standard “road movie” format.  “The Way” is a perfect vehicle for Martin Sheen.
  • Midnight in Paris, a Woody Allen film that was nominated for a “Best Picture” Oscar, involves time travel in Paris.  The movie is lightweight fun.  While I thought the portrayals of Hemingway and Picasso weren’t very convincing, and the ending had at least one too many time jumps, I liked this movie . . . and I’m not a big Woody fan.  Kathy Bates, in a minor role, steals Midnight.
  • Salmon Fishing in Yemen, while filmed in Morocco, is an interesting cinematic diversion that deals with obsession and Asperger’s Syndrome.  This flic is about a “crazy” project in an exotic (although arid) land, and is well acted.  What’s not to like?
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, starring Judi Dench and a fine ensemble cast of British actors, is set mostly in India where a group of seniors are conned into retiring to a seedy hotel.  While the ending is entirely too neat, this movie is enjoyable; it tries hard to give the movie goer some of the colorful sights and sounds of India.  But you may need to be “up-in-years” to fully appreciate Marigold Hotel.  Maggie Smith, as a cantankerous elderly retiree, steals this movie.

    Judi Dench Walking the Streets in India

If these movies don’t make you want to travel, nothing will.  Can anything beat a “rainy night” in Paris, or a chaotic street scene in India, or the scenic countryside of northern Spain for a pleasant night at the movies?

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