Watching Special Ops in Real-Time

According to Time magazine (7 May 2012), the assault on the Osama Bin Ladin enclave in Pakistan was watched in real-time by President Obama, cabinet members, and staff:

Adjoining the White House Situation Room is a smaller meeting room,  [with] secure video and phone communications.  In this room was Brigadier General Marshall “Brad” Webb, assistant commanding general of JSOC [Joint Special Operations Command] to monitor the SEAL teams in real-time on a laptop.  On the monitors of the small conference room, grainy video of the unfolding raid was fed in from a bat-shaped RZ-170 Sentinel stealth drone flying more than two miles above Abbottabad [Pakistan].

Michael Leiter, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, went into the small conference room to watch the feed from the stealth drone and was soon followed by members of Obama’s Cabinet.  Vice President Biden drifted in, then Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and suddenly the room was full, with many of Obama’s top intelligence and counterintelligence jammed up against the walls or stuck outside, peering through the doorway to gat a better look at the unfolding drama.  Obama then stepped in, announced, “I need to watch this,” and settled into a chair off to one side of the cramped room, next to Webb.  (It was here, not in the Sit Room proper, that the famous image of the President and his team would be taken.

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