Mother in Heaven

Janice Allred, a Mormon feminist, in the Mar 2012 Sunstone writes:

“Is Heavenly Mother a member of the Godhead?” is the crucial question.  Is she God the Mother or simply our Mother in Heaven?  To answer this question it is, indeed, necessary to address the issues of her cosmic authority and status of worship.  There are three impediments that prevent Mormon theologians who want to remain mainstream from honestly addressing these issues and developing a theology of God the Mother.

The first is the issue of priesthood.  Priesthood is central to Mormon theology.  It is the power through which God creates and governs all things. . .

The second impediment is President Hinckley’s 1991 speech, given in the general Relief Society meeting, in which he directs Church members not to pray to the Mother in Heaven. . .

The third impediment to developing a theology of God the Mother is the Church’s 1995 Proclamation on the Family.  I see this document as an attempt by the Church leadership to publish an authoritative text which establishes a patriarchical cosmos with rigid, eternal gender roles . . .

Painting Titled “Mother in Heaven” by Betty Mirembe, a Canadian born in Uganda

The issue of a Mother in Heaven would seem to have direct bearing on the Plan of Salvation and eternal progression as it relates to women.  For men, the ultimate goal of eternity is deification.  But what about women?  Is this possible without the priesthood?  Do women become godlike only through their spouses?  What is the role of women in the hereafter?

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2 Responses to Mother in Heaven

  1. Personally, I think there is a great possibility that the Dove of the Holy Spirit of Wisdom = Lady Wisdom from Proverbs 3:18 = A Tree of Life to those who grasp her = the ever-burning Menorah = Bird-faced Asherah = Sophia (“Wisdom”) = Goddess who “treads on the sea” = the Dove-Goddess hovering and brooding over the Waters of Creation = Shaddai = the Queen of Heaven in Revelation

    The masculine “spirit” in John is a mistranslation, since the Hebrew “ruach” is feminine, and all the symbolism in the New Testament is considerably clarified if the Holy Spirit of Wisdom (who is justified of Her children and who offers Rebirth through the amniotic waters of an immersive baptism) is seen not only as one of the members of the Divine Council (which must be multi-gendered if men and women were created in the image of the [plural] elohim Gods) but as the third member of the Godhead itself, the Trinity of father-mother-child which is One God. There is plenty of evidence that the Book of Mormon is a record of First Temple Theology, before the Deuteronomists had slashed Lady Wisdom from the Temple and through creative reediting retroactively condemned the Asherah Tree which had stood legitimately for 236 of the 370 years the Temple lasted.

    I’ve written quite a bit of stuff on this if anyone’s interested:

  2. One of the things that upset many Evangelicals about Catholic theology is the idea that Mary is not only the mother of Jesus, who happens to be God, but the fact that Mary is seen to be mother of all Christians. They will term this idea as ‘unbiblical’ and are greatly offended by this. Many don’t even like to admit that Mary is the Mother of God, (even though inspired Scripture has her cousin Elizabeth saying, Luke 1:42-43: and she exclaimed with a loud cry, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb! 43 And why is this granted me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?). 17 times in Luke 1 for example, the term ‘Lord’ is used and every single time the term is used, it speaks of God.) Of course Evangelicals will even admit that Jesus is God. The aversion to using the term Mary is the Mother of God is thus anti-biblical. Nonetheless, most Protestant founders had no qualms in applying the title ‘Mother of God’ to Mary. It is plain: Not only is Jesus God, and thus Mary is the mother of God, but Scripture explicitly teaches that Mary is the Mother of God, as stated in Luke 1:43.

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